• Running swagger editor locally (and all the time)

    It seems that Docker Compose is becoming my friend for all things local. I needed to have Swagger Editor available to me locally at all times and here’s how I accomplished that with a docker-compose.yml file:

  • A different approach to ruby/rails dev environment on docker

    So I’ve been trying, over and over, to grok why I need a Dockerfile for every rails project I build for development. It just seems to violate DRY principles with no real benefit that I can find.

  • Setting up Pow-like DNS using Docker on a Macbook Pro

    So the new MacBook Pro came in and it’s time to install everything on my new machine. Oh, wait! I don’t need to do so because I’m using Docker now. Here’s where the rubber meets the road…going completely without local installs of servers. For all web apps, I want to have a Pow-like experience where the .dev top level domain is automatically resolved to localhost and there’s a simple way for each “machine” to be found.

  • Docker, Rails, Guard and freaking us-ascii encoding errors

    I’ve been running into an intermittent issue when running tests in Docker for Mac using guard and minitest similar to the following:

  • So you want to convert your database from MySQL to Postgres?

    Working on a fairly large conversion project, the database switch was fairly critical for us. My requirement was pretty simple…I want to copy a database from one platform (MySQL) to another (Postgres) without having to learn every intricacy of each platform. My best world was if it could be something like the copy command:

  • How to Stream Events Live on YouTube (using nothing but an iPad)

    Over the past year, I’ve been broadcasting youth hockey games live through YouTube using nothing but a tripod and an ipad (with tripod mount). The process was not exceptionally simple to set up but it’s effective and lightweight. Note that there is an iPad app that costs $20 / month to stream videos longer than 30 minutes so there is a cost. It’s been well worth it.

  • Why you should be using cross ice games

  • How emacs ruined me for Atom, TextMate, Sublime Text 2 (and every other GUI based tool)

    I’ll start by saying I still consider myself an Emacs newb. These days I spend the majority of my day coding and loving every minute of it. For reference purposes, I span across Ruby, PHP and Javascript (angular, etc.) for my projects. I’m also a bit of a text editor junkie who has tried just about everything I can find including:

  • All I needed (in S3) was a little privacy…

    As many helpful blog posts are, this one is offered in the hope that I save an afternoon for someone else. I’m leveraging Rails with Paperclip to upload files to an S3 repository. S3 is a cloud-based file storage system offered by Amazon (yes, that Amazon). It divides the storage into “buckets” which are like having separate drives. I was able to follow a number of tutorials including this one and this one which were extremely helpful in initial setup.

  • 'Is it true you have a four pass second rule?' (How to teach young elite hockey players to pass)

    So I was speaking yesterday with a parent considering bringing her child to the program where I’m coaching. We had a great chat about her son, the mechanics of how our program works, etc. At the end of the call, she said she had one more question (and seemed to have some trepidation asking)…“Is it true that you have a 4 second rule?”

  • What your son/daughter should do for the hockey offseason

    So it’s the time of the year when teams wind down, we spring the clocks forward and things begin to turn green. This year, in particular, I’ve been asked quite a bit about spring tournament teams and what’s best for development during the off-season. I’ll confine my comments to Peewees headed into Bantams and younger as high school players need to be a bit more focused. Note that I’m talking about the AAA level.

  • How to choose your (hockey) team captain

    For me, naming a captain is not so much me (or the team) choosing someone and saying he/she is the new leader of the team. It’s a matter of observing the natural behavior of the team and identifying who the team naturally respects (and for the right reasons).

  • Three reasons why your team should go to tournaments

    IMO, a youth travel hockey team should plan at least one (preferably 2-3) invitational tournament during the season. If it were an advanced team, it would be three that included Columbus Day Weekend, Thanksgiving Weekend and one of the weekends during Christmas Break.

  • Changing the Approach - What I wish I'd known about hockey, coaching, parenting and more.

    So here’s the thing. I’ve had tens if not hundreds of topics rattling around in my head to blog about for nearly 10 years.

  • Let the kids play

    So my son’s squirt team is at a tournament this weekend and they are proving to be at the wrong level. They’re through the round robin and Tyler hasn’t let up a goal yet. The interesting thing is that if you watched them in warm-ups, you’d never know the difference between the teams. There are some serious skills on the teams we’re playing. There are two reasons I can see why we’re doing so well against the other teams:

  • Why a youth sports season makes a good story

    Since my oldest boy (a goaltender) was five, we’ve purposely avoided overdoing summer hockey activities. When other families were going nuts with camp after camp and tournament after tournament, we chose to either have him play another sport in a less competitive environment (which, ironically, was where he was most nervous) or just enjoy time at home reading or playing with the family.

  • 'I'll take care of that right now...

    This is the story of an angry customer (me) being talked off the ledge by an empowered customer service agent.

  • The important role that parents play on a youth hockey team

    So I’ve run into a situation recently (thankfully regarding a team where I’m not the coach) where a parent indicated to the head coach (and to the other parents) that his son wouldn’t be coming to a couple games on an upcoming Saturday because he felt it was too far for “exhibition” games and he wanted his son to be rested for a league game on Sunday.

  • Youth Sports - Philosophical articles and whatnot...

    I am always amazed at coincidence that makes you think long and hard (in a positive way) about divine guidance.

  • Getting the message across...Helping yourself as a coach communicating with the parents

    I have a New Year’s resolution for coaching this year; it’s to more effectively communicate with the parents of the youth hockey teams I coach. I can be an exceptionally frustrating coach for many parents because my approach to coaching youth hockey (and most sports) almost pursues being different.

  • Growing the Game - Thoughts about increasing registration for USA Hockey

    I’ve recently been appointed to the “Grow the Game” committee for New Hampshire Hockey. Our charge is to come up with a strategy for growing youth ice hockey registration in the State of New Hampshire. As such, we were invited to a New England District meeting to meet with our counterparts in other states and Pat Kelleher from USA Hockey headquarters. Really interesting meeting with some great thoughts exchanged. Here were some of my thoughts coming out of that meeting for how USA Hockey could help organizations in this endeavor.

  • We are micropolitan

    A new term has hit my radar which I’m kinda digging - Micropolitan area. A micropolitan city, according to the United States Office of Management and Budget (OMB) is “that of a core area containing a substantial population nucleus, together with adjacent communities having a high degree of economic and social integration with that core.”” The core area must have more than 10,000 people and less than 50,000.

  • Recruitment and retention of a young workforce for New Hampshire

    I’m serving on the Governor’s Task Force for the Recruitment and Retention of a Young Workforce for New Hampshire. A number of thoughts have occurred to me through this process that I think are interesting. It should be noted that these are my opinions only and in no way represent the feelings of the Task Force or Governor Lynch.

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